Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Directory of Land Surveyors Worldwide

We will begin this blog with a small introduction of what we hope to achieve.  Empowered by the members of Land Surveyors United, we will attempt to create the most comprehensible directory of professional land surveyors known to man.
We are building the first ever Global Surveying Companies Directory, which will be displayed on this directory site, our Land Surveyors United network, as a facebook application (similar to this one) and for mobile browsing.    The cost of listing your company is an ultra-low $50 donation to Land Surveyors United Network to help with costs of maintenance and hosting.  The only similar directory on the planet only covers the United States and charges upwards of $90 per month.  Who can afford that?    On our directory, you are not only going to generate more leads for your surveying company, you will also be helping the industry united through your donation!
List your surveying company in a place where you can be found and trusted!  Each geographic area has a corresponding group forum on Land Surveyors United for networking with other surveyors in your area.

Land Surveyors United Reaches 5000 Members Worldwide!


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