Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Earthworx,LLC - Tennessee

Earthworx, LLC

  • Earthworx LLC
    GIS,High Definition Surveying,land boundary surveys,topographic surveys,construction staking,site grading layout and utility construction staking,residential and commercial subdivisions,survey‐grade GIS mapping,precision machine alignment,flood elevation certificates,route and easement surveys,as‐built surveys,expert testimony in boundary dispute cases

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    Engineering Services

    To meet the increasing demand for eco‐friendly civil site design, the engineering department at Earthworx employs Low Impact Design (LID) methods in the planning and design phases of many projects. LID is an ecologically based discipline that is more environmentally sound than conventional civil site design. By applying LID technology in civil design, Earthworx engineers have the ability to maintain some of the integrity of the original landscape which, in turn, conserves wetlands, minimizes site impact, and prevents pollution. Projects are designed to make use of existing natural features by preserving old growth trees and other attractive native elements. This enables each project to retain a distinctive look and creates an environmentally sensitive approach to development. Stormwater features are incorporated into the site layout, making efficient use of available land space.

    Earthworx provides Civil Engineering services that include:
    geographic information system chattanooga
    Low Impact Development/Design (LID)
    green infrastructure
    sustainable site design
    education initiatives

    Traditional Civil Engineering Services

    Water Quality Fee Credits

    grading plans bioretention of stormwater
    stormwater design retrofit & mitigation plans
    sanitary sewer design tree planting for credits
    roadway design water quality devices
    residential development detention/retention facilities
    commercial development design stormwater facilities maintenance plans
    recreation and site master plans natural buffer plans
    recreation facility design conservation easements

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