Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Orimansurvey & Engineering Pvt.Ltd - Delhi

Orimansurvey & Engineering Pvt.Ltd. 

  • Ori Man Survey and Engineering Pvt.Ltd has diversified into multi discipline, We are specialized in the field of Carrying out detailed Topographical Survey, Detailed Route Survey For Pipe Line, Tunnel Survey, Road survey, Irrigation survey, Construction Setting Out, Soil Resistivity Survey And Cadastral Survey, Setting Outs Job For Infrastructure Development Works ,Building condition survey, DTM,CAD,3D monitoring, Geotechnical ,Geoenvironment ,Ground penetration Radar) and Utility survey In just over Sixteen years
  • www.orimansurvey.com

    Survey & Engineering Contractor.
    125,Sadbhawana Apartment, Plot No-13,
    I.P. Extn.,Patpargunj New Delhi-92
    Phone:-+91 11 22786371/ 22771514/9312271521.
    Fax:-+91 11 22786371. . E Mail:-admin@orimansurvey.com
  • admin@orimansurvey.com
  • (011) 22771514
  • India

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