Saturday, April 27, 2013

Arnel Domag - Philippines

Arnel Domag - Davio City Philippines

Arnel Domag of Philippines
Owner of NTH Geographics and Geometrics
Davio City, Philippines
Arnel Domag is one who surveys with passion. It is obvious to me that Arnel is a man who has devoted his entire life to the profession; one whose heartbeat is in rhythm with all that is surveying. His vision is clear and his boots are on the ground. I would recommend Mr.Domag to any company who wants the job done correctly and safely. When Arnel Domag is on the job, you can rest peacefully, knowing that your project is in good hands. 

What type of surveying are you involved with? If you had a 'specialty' related to your surveying career, what would it be?
Cadastre, Topographic, Hydrographic, Boundary, Construction Staking, Control Surveying, Mine Monitoring, Volume Surveying, Roadway/Route Surveying, Alignment Surveying
How long have you been surveying?
Types of equipment you are most familiar with or use: (check all that Apply)
Total Stations, GPS, Surveying Software
BIO: Tell the group a little about yourself and why you are joining today
I am Arnel M. Domag of nth geographics and geometrics. nth is a civil/survey/mapping, design, GPS, CAD/CAE, AM/FM/GIS, software development office. My office was once choses as Autodesk Systems Center (ASC) for Mindanao region.
Do you have a favorite equipment manufacturer? If so, please share...

Arnel Domag is a Tough Act to Follow!

Over time, Arnel Domag has submitted over 350 of the most amazing land surveying photos on Land Surveyors United Network.  Here are a few of those capturing the life of a hard working surveyor in the Philippines.

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