Monday, April 1, 2013

Scott Warner RLS - Wisconsin

Focus on Scott Warner RLS

Scott Warner RLS
Do you recognize the image on the right?  I'd be willing to bet that you do because it belongs to Scott Warner, RLS. Scott Warner is a professional land surveyor in the grand state of Wisconsin.  Located in Richland Center, Wisconsin, Mr. Warner is one of the hardest working surveyors this author has ever met.  Aside from being the Senior Editor and Director of Land Surveyors United network, his presence on the web is ubiquitous.  Why?  It is because when he is not in the field, Scott spends every waking moment on the web helping his fellow surveyors. In fact, if it were not for Scott Warner, Land Surveyors United network would not be what it is today!

Scott Warner in Real Life

Scott Warner RLS around the Web

Take a Look at some of Scott Warner's Surveying
Photos on Land Surveyors United.

Thank you Scott for all that you do.  You are making the geospatial industry better everyday!


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