Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dadeville Land Surveying - Dadeville, AL

Dadeville Land Surveying

Dadeville Land Surveying
Manager:  John Maxwell PLS

Land Surveying in the Dadeville, Lake Martin, Alexander City, AL plus Tallapoosa County and surrounding areas of Alabama.

Company Services Include:

Land surveying, flood elevation certificates, flood surveys, lot surveys, boundary surveys, GPS surveys

Dadeville Land Surveying Website:

Dadeville Land Surveying Website

Email Dadeville Land Surveying:  email address
Phone:  (256) 307-1447

Dadeville Land Surveying services:

  1. I need to know where my property corners or property lines are. (Boundary Survey)
  2. I have a loan closing or re-finance coming up on my home in a subdivision. (Lot Survey)
  3. I need a map of my property with contour lines to show elevation differences for my architect or engineer. (Topo Survey)
  4. I’ve just been told I’m in a flood zone or I ‘ve been told I need an elevation certificate in order to obtain flood insurance or prove I don’t need it. (Flood Survey)
  5. I’m purchasing a lot/house in a recorded subdivision. (Lot Survey – See Boundary Survey)
  6. I’m purchasing a larger tract of land, acreage, that hasn’t been subdivided in the past. (Boundary Survey)
  7. I need to get some location and grades set on a construction project. (Construction Survey )
  8. I need a survey of a commercial or multi-family site that meets the ALTA Land Title Survey requirements. (ALTA Survey)
Map for Dadeville Land Surveying:

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